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May 11, 2011


Lyn Dwyer

glad you found the video helpful too Anna.....hey it's great to see you over here.....

Anna Kluytmans

I loved your video on the corner lever punches, I have a few of those myself, and I like playing with them to see what you can come up with, nice edges when you combined them together, I realy like how easy they are to use.
Cheers Anna #7612

Lyn Dwyer

thank you for the comments ladies...

Tona.....they alignment grids are inter-changeable too which is fabulous.

Tracy.....yes...second Video is now up on the Spotlight Facebook Page ...using Border Punches
Next Video will go up soon on the Lever Punches.

Dot...glad I have inspired you to create


Great video, Lyn! I had no idea that you could take those alignment grids out. Thanks so much for the great tips, & showing the samples, & projects.


PS - forgot to say CONGRATULATIONS on having Spotlight taking your videos too!!!


Fabulous video Lyn - love learning about new ways to use my punches!!!

... added a few more to my shopping list too :)


Thanks for the inspiration!

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