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September 08, 2011


Sandy #1781

Wonderful videos Lyn! Keep them coming. I've been lucky enough to see all three of these kind of events up close and personal, but never with a video camera. Thanks for sharing and I hope you didn't see all of your adventures through the camrea lense. Sometimes it's good to just watch.



Awesome footage Lyn!!!

What an exciting adventure, your very own National Geographic videos - it is so exciting to see your videos and photos showing exactly like the documentaries do :)

Lyn Dwyer

Oh Nana Beth I'm not sure of the name of the company......we booked it through Princess we just went with who they chose as it was a choice activity whilst on the Inside Passage Cruise with Princess

NanaBeth #2906

Lynn I'd love to know who handled your bear/whale tour arrangements. #3 son is actually working for a whale tour company in Juneau.

Lyn Dwyer

Oh Shannon.....we loved our time's such an amazing place....the Tundra Wilderness was the best day.....we saw so much wildlife....and flying over the Arctic Circle was pretty special....and visiting SANTA'S HOUSE at NORTH POLE was also incredible....I went crazy as you can imagine with my camera in there

Shannon White

wow! wish i could be there with you!! so jealous! i want to go to Alaska so bad!!

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